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Rafting In Pakistan

Pakistan offers a number of wonderful opportunities for white water rafting. The high rise mountain peaks on its northern side border Pakistan and these snowcapped mountains and glaciers are what give birth to gurgling rivers that tumble down from the Karakoram, the Himalayas and the Hindukush to plains of Pakistan before meeting at the Arabian Sea.

These rivers in the north of Pakistan offer wonderful opportunity for white water sports. Some of the rivers that make great white water sports spots in Pakistan are the Chitral, Indus, Gilgit, Swat, Hunza, Kunar and the Neelam river. You can enjoy river rafting, canoeing and kayaking in these rivers. The Indus, Ravi and Chenab in northern Pakistan provide wonderful opportunities for water sports. Some of the places that you can visit for water sports in Pakistan are from Naran to Kaghan on the Kunhar; from Dir to Batkhela on the Pankora; from Jaglot to Thakot on the Indus and from Aliabad to Gilgit on Hunza River. So if a streak with adventure is what you are looking forward on your holidays, Pakistan is a wonderful place to tour. Come and get wet on the rivers of Pakistan.

In brief, the rivers in Pakistan exude every bit of their untamed qualities and challenge you to overpower them. Also, they put to test your strength, both physical and mental, and it is in this that the whole excitement of rafting lies.

The river rafting destinations in Pakistan are comparable to the best in the world. Also, very much like trekking, rafting in Pakistan offers different levels so that both amateurs as well as trained and professional rafters can enjoy themselves. Moreover, for those, in need of a bit of training, there are quick courses on offer too.

Following rivers in Northern Pakistan are open for water sports besides the Indus, the Ravi, and Chenab, in NWFP, Punjab, & Sindh provinces:

  • Indus (from Jaglot to Thakot)
  • Kunhar (from Naran to Kaghan)
  • Swat (from Bahrain to Saidu Sharif)
  • Pankora (from Dir to Batkhela)
  • Hunza (from Aliabad to Gilgit)